Freshly pressed onionauts. #2

The onionaut prints have landed!

This weekend I took part in a letterpress workshop with the kind and patient Beate Dietz and 5 other participants.
We developed the plates for the prints in a funny machine that looks like a cross between an oven and a mini-bathtub. Then measured out the paper needed, set up the letterpress machine (in my case a Korrex), proofed the set-up by making some blind prints, cut the paper neatly for the following day and headed to a bar nearby.
That was friday evening.
On saturday the real fun involving colour began: mixed the colour, got my hands dirty, made more blind prints, had some laughs, got my hands dirty again, readjusted the machine since I had made a mistake setting up the plate, continued printing… Caught my cardigan in the machine, cut off the piece of cardigan caught in the machine, cleaned the rolls & cylinder to get the fluff from the cardigan off. Continued printing, readjusted the cylinder – again – continued printing.
In the end I finished the day with a big smile on my face and a little stack of onionauts in my hands.

Onionaut – Letterpress 06

Onionaut – Letterpress 02Onionaut – Letterpress 03

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