Neon gravity.

Recently, I’ve been working among other things on a new, more colorful series of Onionauts.
And I am thinking of extending the thematic scope, for instance with fish.
Why fish? They have more in common with Astronauts than you’d think at first glance!
(I admit, in a very simplistic way, but still!)
Not only do they go well with onions, they also live in a gravity reduced environment: Water.
Which brings us to astronauts, who in return practice in very deep swimming pools that helps provide feeling of floating needed to practice for spacewalks. *bim*

Later I’ll be posting some new drawings of “Vikingnautes”.   15cindydossantos_OnionautHeaddown_Detail 15cindydossantos_OnionautHeaddown15cindydossantos_Fisch1_Detail15cindydossantos_Fisch1

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